Sometimes in business the right financing can get you where you want to go, faster. Vendors can close more sales, with fewer struggles. End users can put their equipment and software to work for them sooner.

NCC designs finance programs for a variety of Software, Office Equipment, Medical and Computer manufacturers and distributors. Over 95% of our business is generated from vendor relationships. NCC has been able to secure vendor relationships with market leaders in the Technology, Medical and Construction industries. This success is largely based on our ability to out perform its competitors based on speed of processing, convenience of use, simplicity of documentation, competitive pricing and depth of credit appetite.

How National Commercial Capital can help you close the sale.

Simply call on National Commercial Capital for the boost you need to close the sale. How much could you close if financing was not an obstacle? Just contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our simple process and thorough follow up seamlessly eliminate financing concerns as an obstacle to closing the sale.


Your Role

Contact National Commercial Capital to make all financing arrangements

National Commercial Capital Role

Prequalify customer prior to appointment
Contact customer to determine which alternative is most appropriate for their financial objectives
Gather information for credit approval
Prepare documents
Send documents to customer via e-mail
Retrieve documents
Issue Purchase Order
Request invoices
Fund transaction


Most credit decisions within minutes
Immediate documentation processing
One-page lease document, approved, filled-out and in your customer’s hands within minutes
Purchase Order issued upon return of their faxed signature.
Daily follow up of all transaction status to vendor, lessee and sales representative
Monthly activity reports of all pipeline transactions


National Commercial Capital brings an additional – and very experienced – sales agent to close the financial sale
Immediate payment upon installation